How To Make A Simple Mediaplayer For Android

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We suggest producing against, and preferably targeting 24. If you should be still evaluating some eleventh hour improvements, a fantastic technique to try this is using Google Playis beta testing attribute to obtain early feedback from the small-group of users — including those employing Android 7.0 Nougat — and after that doing a staged rollout as you launch the updated application to all consumers.

In the same moment, we're driving the Android 7.0 source code towards the Android Open Source Task (AOSP), increasing public accessibility to this new model of Android towards the bigger ecosystem. We have been working together with you over the past almost a year to make sure your apps are not unready for the users who'll manage them on units, and to really get your feedback with this launch. Feedback is not reflected by android nougat from thousands of followers and developers just like you, throughout the globe.